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What Can VistaMetrix Do For You?

Suppose you need the values on a plot that's been scanned in from a report or other publication. Or you might want to measure the distance along a route on a map downloaded from the Internet. A graphic artist might want to record and save the color values at several points on a digital photo. In cases like these, where the data underlying a graphic image is not readily available, VistaMetrix gives you a simple, quick way to extract useful numbers from that image.

Unlike other digitizers that require importing graphic files in specific formats, VistaMetrix lets you place a transparent overlay with measurement tools on top of an image. So, with VistaMetrix, you can acquire data from any graphic image that appears on the screen, regardless of the file format.    
VistaMetrix also provides a video player that lets you do measurements on individual frames of a video file.
Here are some of the things you can do with VistaMetrix:

• Extract values from graphs. You can work with multiple data sets, consisting of multiple curves or multiple sets of points.

• Measure distance and area on curved paths. Along these paths you can place markers that show intermediate distances with annotations.

• Measure angles and straight line distances.

• Determine the color values. (RGB, HLS, and CMYK) of multiple points in the image.

The extracted graph values, distances, areas, and color values can be saved as Excel or comma-delimited text files.

The graph values or distance/area measurements are extracted by defining a scale of measurement and using the mouse to trace the curve, shape, or points of interest on the image.

VistaMetrix also allows you to:

• Zoom an image.

• Add text annotations to an image.

• Save an image of a selected portion of the screen along with the overlaid VistaMetrix tools.

• Step through frames of ASF, AVI, IVF, MOV (version 2 or earlier), MPEG, MPG, and WMV video files.


For snapshots of VistaMetrix in action: Click on the links above.

For more information: Click HERE to download a Word® document containing an illustrated introduction to VistaMetrix.

Download VistaMetrix now for a FREE TRIAL. You'll be able to use a fully functional version of VistaMetrix for thirty days to ensure your satisfaction prior purchasing it. The online Help and Quick Start guide that come with VistaMetrix will answer many of your questions.

System Requirements:
200 MHz Pentium or better. Windows® 2000, XP, 7.

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