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Download A Free Trial Version Or Purchase Here

Downloading the fully functional trial version of VistaMetrix will allow you to use it free of charge for thirty days to assure your satisfaction and system compatibility prior to purchasing. First download and save vmrtx138.exe to your hard drive. Then run vmrtx138.exe by double clicking it, and follow the installation instructions.

After purchasing the product, you will be provided with a registration key permitting unlimited use of VistaMetrix, without having to download another version.

To Download From The VistaMetrix Site

Click Here: Download VistaMetrix, to begin downloading the fully functional trial version.


Secure Purchasing From eSellerate

VistaMetrix may be purchased through eSellerate, our commerce partner specializing in the sale and delivery of digital goods. Purchasing through eSellerate on the Internet is fast, easy, and completely secure. eSellerate provides customers with secure and dependable access through Thawte Authentic Site secure payment system. Thawte is a reputable international firm that assures customer transaction security with an extremely high level of encryption on a wide variety of browsers.

To Download or Purchase From eSellerate

Click on the following button to go to the eSellerate page that will allow you to either download the trial version ("Try) or make a secure Internet purchase ("Buy").

eSellerate weareone

Privacy and Refund Policies

Please review the SkillCrest Privacy and Refund policies before placing your order.

Thank you for your interest in VistaMetrix!

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